Why not take this opportunity to visit more places in China?

can choose to visit xi 'an, the ancient capital of China, see the famous terracotta warriors and horses of the first emperor of qin, visit the shaanxi history museum, the largest modern museum in the world, or stop by Beijing to climb the Great Wall and see the palaces and gardens of ancient emperors. You can also go to the li river, which is called "mountain and water are the best in the world", and experience the "boat walking in the mountains and people walking in the paintings", and see the magnificent longji terraces. Take a boat to the three gorges of the Yangtze river, enjoy the stunning autumn scenery on both sides of the Yangtze river, look at the world-renowned feat of contemporary water conservancy projects three gorges dam, is also a good choice. If you don't want to go too far, you can visit the ancient town of jiangnan, experience the world cultural landscape of the west lake in hangzhou, or climb the skyscrapers in Shanghai to see the panorama of this modern metropolis.

The organizing committee will work together with famous Chinese travel agencies to design classic Chinese travel routes, bringing you unique natural and cultural experiences while offering the most competitive prices. Please pay attention to the official website of the conference for details of the route, quotation and registration.

Route 1: xi 'an ancient capital classic 4 days
(20 persons accounting 4,800 yuan/person, equivalent to $700)

Travel arrangements: traveling to xi 'an on a high-speed train, visiting the eighth wonder of the world, the great museum of the ancient world, and the great, famous west yue, which is known as the west yue, to visit the world's largest modern museum, the shaanxi museum of history.

Route 2: Beijing ancient capital classic 4 days
(20 persons accounting 4,500 yuan/person, equivalent to $660)

Travel arrangements: take the high-speed rail travel to Beijing, on a tour of the world's largest city center square, tiananmen square, visit the world cultural heritage of the imperial palace, respectful wang fu garden, the shichahai lake scenic spot , board the badaling Great Wall, visit the world's most perfect royal garden, the Summer Palace, a world heritage site - the temple of heaven, the yuanmingyuan ruins park, visit the new qianmen street 】, 【 just snack street 】, 【 dashanlan 】, feel the strong culture of Beijing flavour.

Route 3: sights of guilin four days
(20 persons accounting 4,600 yuan/person, equivalent to $670)

Travel arrangements: a train to Shanghai and fly to guilin, experience "ship walk in the mountains, people in the middle" lijiang JingHuaYou, visit the "cave wonders of the world" - "silver rock", appreciate the landscape of the world's largest live singing and dancing performance "impression · sanjie liu", visit the characteristic scenic spot and spectacular zhuang dong qing water 】【 dragon ridge terrace 】.

Route 4: four days in jiangnan water town
(20 persons accounting 3,200 yuan/person, equivalent to $470)

Travel arrangements: ride to wuzhen town, and enjoy the historical scenes of ancient town of jiangshui town, south China, visit yixing temple, and 【 lingshan town 】, and watch the display for the grand show appointed by the G20 summit to be in hangzhou, visit the west China wetland park, and visit the jinmao building at the level of 88-storey sightseeing hall, and 【 huangpu river bund 】.

Route 5: five days on the three gorges cruise ship
(20 persons accounting 4,900 yuan/person, equivalent to $720)

Travel arrangements: go to yichang, go to the boat dock to check in, and feel the beautiful canyon of the Yangtze river. Enjoy the scenic spots of "xiling gorge", "three gorges dam", "pinghu outlook of gaoxia", "flood outlook", etc. Visit [shennongxi scenic spot], enjoy the scenery of [wu gorge] famous for "show" and [qutang gorge] famous for "xiong" on the cruise ship, and go ashore to visit the "first great bonsai in the sky" [shibaozhai scenic spot] in zhongxian county.